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Oh! Hi! So you wanna know more about me? Well, I’m just a Texas girl fulfilling her dreams of working with her passion…

I have a Bachelor’s in Software Development with an emphasis in Web Development from Capella University. I also have a Business degree – so I understand an Entrepreneur’s needs. I truly love using unique designs with innovative technologies. I also enjoy keeping up with today’s technology. It’s my dream to make software and web applications that are both user-friendly and creatively functional!

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    What I've created

    Vinyl Company Website Gifts-Done

    Gifts-Done is an amazing company that needed a little help with their user profile UX Design. Along with JavaScript, I was able to use HTML & CSS to implement new features such as cards for order history information, and a new link color to break up the color scheme.

    Veggie eCommerce Website VegeFoods

    Fresh eCommerce design for VegeFoods. Shopping fresh veggies never felt so good! (or easy!) This site is a clean eCommerce site built with Bootstrap for a layout thats fresh and clean (just like their product).

    Kit and Kaboodle Website Kit and Kaboodle

    A pair programming project, resources, and reviews for women by women. This site is intended to bring women info on various products in categories such as tech, beauty, and lifestyle. I used a Bootstrap framework for accessibility, HTML, & CSS.

    BloominLittles Website

    Bloomin' Littles

    Coming Soon! Another project I'm passionate about is This site and soon to be app, will bring supplemental educational videos for families while avoiding any of the safety concerns associated with other streaming channels.


    The Agile's

    Peer Review

    Coding peer reviews have evolved along with methodology throughout the years and for good reason. Coding peer reviews were once a very daunting task, overcome with grief and fear of offensive apprehensions. Even more so, we may have hit a mark in the early 2000s where peer reviews were seen as a mundane step, deemed unnecessary. However, various events unfolded, such as the Ariane 5 rocket that blew up or NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter that burned up, developers everywhere began questioning...

    Client Side vs. Server Side Session

    Upon visiting a website or web application, a session will begin in which temporary data, that is useful to the user, is stored. There are many pieces to the storage puzzle, cookies, server-side session, client-side session, and local storage. Cookies are typically used when reading server-side sessions, while local storage usually refers to reading client-side sessions. All of these pieces play a part in session storage and every project will determine which components...

    MVC Architecture & Java

    MVC Patterns map to Java and JavaFX by directly separating the applications concerns. Model, View, and Controller are the main objectives within the pattern in which the concerns can be broken into. For example, the model represents an object and logic to update the controller of its data changes, while View offers the visual representation of the data in the model, and lastly, the controller handles the data flow into the model and updates the viewer when data changes.


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